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Process Control And Automation

Industrial process control and automation came from the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry, during the industrial revolution, began to use machines to dramatically increase productivity. Over time the processes were developed to create production lines and eventually modern robotics. Robots are part of a modern production assembly which uses sensors and computer control to form a completely automatic working system.

Humans watch the system to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and they make decisions which are outside of the scope of the computer software. The people have the job of supervision and the actual work is done by the system autonomously. That is self calibrating and self adjusting to ensure maximum productivity with the highest production quality.

The technology of process control and automation has the capacity to make extremely sensitive measurements as well as functioning incredibly fast. This is a major factor that has enabled companies to produce very advanced products at a highly competitive wholesale price.

Process Control Valve

A process control valve is a valve that is used to control various conditions in a process such as flow, level of liquid , pressure and temperature by either fully or partially opening or the vice versa. Control valves function once they receive signals from devices called controllers that compare a “standard point” to a “process variable”, whose value is made available by sensors that monitor any changes in the conditions.

Оpening or closing of the process control valves is commonly done automatically by use of pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical actuators. There are positioners that control actuators based on pneumatic or electric signals. These signals are typically based on the 3-15psi (0.2-1.0bar) but the more common today are 4-20mA signals for industry. Оther common protocols include 0-10V for a HVAC system, “Sart” systems, Profibus, Fieldbus Foundation and HART.

A process control valve basically comprises of three main parts; valve’s actuator, valve’s body and valve’s positioner. Each of the parts is available in different types and designs. The most common types of these valves are the sliding-stem globe valves and angle valves.

Process Control In Chemical Engineering

Most things can be improved, so chemical engineers and scientists optimize. While designing systems and products requires a deep understanding of influences that achieve desirable performance, the need for an efficient and systematic decision-making approach drives the need for optimization strategies. In recent years there has been a growing recognition of the importance of considering control issues early in any chemical process. This interplay between process control in chemical engineering has become especially important for modern plants, which tend to have a larger degree of chemical material and energy integration and tighter performance specifications.

As a influence of global competition, rapidly changing economic conditions, and stringent environ‐mental and safety regulations, process control in chemical engineering has become increasingly important in the chemical process industries. It is also clear that the scope and importance of process control technology will continue to expand. Consequently, chemical engineers required to master this issue in order to be capable to operate and design modern plants.

Business Process Control

It is said that keeping a business is more difficult than starting one. This is true to a large extent. As a business grows, it becomes difficult to manage. That is when business process control comes into picture. Running a business becomes very easy when one identifies various processes involved in the day to day running of the business and identifies the control points so that the output is consistent.

To draw the process controls, one should start with the basic structure of all the activities which are performed to achieve a business objective. After identification of the all the processes, certain criteria should be identified which will tell whether the process is being carried out as it should be or not. Then this criteria should be regularly measured and kept recorded. It is said that things which can be measured can be improved. This applies to business processes also.
So, start measuring the output and make your business more efficient.

Process Control Dynamics


An engineer should be focused on process control dynamics. You want to be able to understand a certain formula and get formula correct if you are working on a long term manufacturing project. System start out is something that people can learn about during the control process. The equipment can be extremely helpful when you are trying to secure a proper manufacturing project. A great manufacturer needs to know how to handle orders for their clients and this is a big reason why e-mail can be one of those controls in the process. The truth of the matter is that process control dynamics can be very important when you are working in a cupcake factory.


It can take a lot of time to properly set up a cupcake factory. The best cupcake factories have clearly defined roles for their employees where they can all know what to do with the cupcake formula.