Process Control System

The process control system actually refer to an engineering and statistics discipline
that basically deals with mechanisms, architectures, and algorithms for purposes of maintaining the output of a particular process within a desired range.
This system is extensively used in industries to enable mass production of some continuous processes such as paper manufacturing, oil refining, power plants, chemicals, and other industrial processes. These system actually enables automation, within which a little staff of operating labour can operate a complicated process from just a central room.
For instance, heating up the temperature of a room is a process that requires some desired outcome to attain and maintain the required temperature, and also keep the temperature constant for a specific time period. In this case, the temperature becomes the controlled variable. It is also referred to as the input variable since it is actually measured and used in making a decision whether to rise it or not.
Types of process control stystems.
They can be classified in either of the below.:
Continuous- mostly, a physical system is represented by smooth variables.
Discrete- most discrete process involves the processing and manufacturing of discrete parts of commodities,such as steel stamping.
Batch-it is a combination of both conntinuous and discrete, some processes require specific amount of raw materials be combined in particular durations and specific ways to produce the required result.

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